How to Write a Pitch Letter To Get All the Freelance Writing Gigs You Want

Find out exactly how the pros write pitch letters to get tons of freelance writing work. Detailed instructions on writing the perfect letter to get noticed and get the gig!

Are you a freelance writer who pitches your little heart out, trying to land more clients? Or maybe you’ve got a few guest post samples, but still can’t land a gig. Whatever the case, the problem is possibly your pitch.

Don’t feel bad.

None of us really know how to draft a pitch letter or what to say when we first get started applying for freelance writing gigs. And once a writer has perfected a pitch letter, they’re hard-pressed to share their secrets. But I’ve got good news. It’s easier than you think and I’m going to teach you how to pitch like a pro and land more freelance writing gigs than you can handle.

I know…that’s a pretty hefty claim, but if you follow a few simple tactics, you’ll see I’m right. I now get about 1/4 of all the gigs I pitch for, so trust me when I tell you — I’ve got this thing down! (more…)

10 Re-Sellers Who Make a Killing Flipping on eBay

Learn how to make a full-time income online flipping thrift store and garage sale items on eBay.

Wanna know how to make big bucks on eBay? It is totally possible, and if you frequent thrift stores and garage sales, you’re already half-way there!

I piece together a living online each and every month, and the way I started out was flipping for profit on eBay. I built my eBay store up to a $500 a month business, only working a few hours a week. But there are many people who do it for a full-time living. One example is work-at-home mom, Sarah Titus. She made a great living on eBay while she was building her blog.

I still sell on eBay occasionally, especially when I travel. I like making a little extra cash for trips! The way I got started was following some experts online who make a good living flipping on eBay. Most of the resources are free and totally fun to watch and read.

If you’re ready for this cool work-at-home opportunity, visit some of these peeps, and get to flippin’! (more…)

Our First Freelance Writing Gigs: 11 Experts Share Their Stories

Our First Freelance Writing Gigs: 11 Professional freelancers share the stories of landing their first gigs. Gina Horkey, Bamidele Onibalusi, Carrie Smith, Brent Jones, Cheri Read, Diana Marinova, Andrea Jones, Yusuff Busayo, Ashley Gainer, Kayla Sloan
For freelance writers just starting out, sending your first pitch and landing your first gig can be a little intimidating. Believe it or not, we’ve all been there! Even the most successful freelance writers started right where you are today.

In order to inspire you to keep on keepin’ on, I asked a few experts in the freelance writing world to chime in about their very first gigs – how they got them and what they involved. Every one of these amazing people would be happy for you to reach out to them for advice. And one or two of them even have courses available to kickstart your career or take you to the next level!

Let’s see what they have to say! (more…)

10 Bloggers Who Make More than $10,000 a Month

10 Women bloggers who earn over $10,000 per month through avenues like affiliate sales and sponsored posts.I don’t know about you, but I love, love, LOVE reading other bloggers’ and online entrepreneurs’ income reports. It’s extremely inspiring to see what others are doing to make a living. After all, that’s probably why you’re here – to get inspired to pursue your dream of working from home.

That was the reason I decided to start sharing my own income reports. I want you to see that working from home and making a living online is entirely possible! So I thought it might be fun to share the income reports from a few other bloggers I follow.

I keep up with several bloggers in the freelance writing niche, but they’re definitely not the only ones I follow. I encourage you to find bloggers who are doing what you want to be doing and stick to them like glue. If it’s working for them, it could work for you! Small disclaimer: make sure you’re just getting inspiration from the bloggers you follow, not copying their work. It’s really important to be yourself (yep, Mom said it first)! (more…)

June 2016 Income Report – $2,467

How she made almost $2,500 online in June 2016. Breakdown of income includes freelance writing and VA work.Well, here it is…my very first income report!

It’s a little scary putting my income online, since I’m relatively private about my finances, but my genuine mission here is to help other moms see just how possible it is to earn a full-time income from home.

It is completely possible. I’m living proof! And you know what? I’m nothing special. Just a mom who has always dreamed of working from home, owning my own business and setting my own hours. I finally made it happen, and I want to show you how. (more…)

The 5 Secrets to Discovering Your Calling

Have you spent years trying to find your calling...your purpose...your passion? Discover 5 secrets learned that will help you find out what you were born to do!Have you spent the last 5, 10, or even 20 years trying to figure out your divine calling. In other words, what you were put on this earth to do?

I hear ya! I spent almost 2 decades trying to figure out my “why.” I read books, took classes, prayed endlessly. And for some reason, I always felt like I was spinning my wheels. But one New Year’s Eve, I felt like God was telling me to write. Just write.

That one word changed my life forever! As I focused on that one task, doors opened up for me I would have never seen before. I started out journaling and then looking for places to write online. A few months later, my life-long dream of working from home started to take shape.

But what does that mean for you? (more…)

How to Make an Extra $1,000 a Month Writing for BlogMutt

This is a great place to start freelance writing. It's possible to make a great side income here. No experience required!
BlogMutt along with other content mill-type websites often get a bad rap for the low pay. And when you’ve worked your way up to $100-200 per blog post, $8 is definitely LOW pay. But the fact of the matter is, everyone is different. Maybe you’d rather not have the stress of deadlines, or maybe you’d rather just make a little extra cash when you have time to spare.

I myself decided to give BlogMutt a try and use it to fill in some financial gaps to meet my daily goals. And hopefully give my interested readers some valuable insight! 😉

I set an income goal for each day. For this month, because I had some family obligations, I decided to set the daily goal for $150 (excluding Sundays). If I push myself each day to make sure I’ve brought in my goal amount, I’m much less stressed toward the end of the month. So in other words, if I did $125 in client work this morning, but am not quite going to be able to finish another regular project, I will hop over onto BlogMutt and churn out a couple of blog posts to meet my goal. (more…)

How I Quit My Day Job to be a Freelance Writer after only 6 Months

Her story is so inspiring! Includes everything she did to be able to quit her job and work from home as a full time freelance writer! Since I’ve gotten a lot of questions about how I was recently able to quit my day job and work from home, I thought I’d go ahead and write a blog post on the subject. My hope is that it inspires you to take action toward living the life you’ve always wanted!

First, a little about me…

I’ve been finding ways to make money from home for about 15 years. As a single mom, money seems to always be a little tight to say the least! I could take up a whole page telling you all the things I actually tried, but just a few of my ventures were crafting, cooking, online selling, direct sales, eBay and Amazon.

I was able to make a decent income from most of my ventures. In fact, I could’ve pretty easily turned my eBay business into a full time job if I’d been willing to spend more time on it. I still sell on eBay some and bring in a great supplemental income when I need to, but it just doesn’t offer the freedom I have with what I do now.

The Side Hustle that Finally Paid Off

So what is it I do now?

Glad you asked! (more…)

How to Survive Your First Freelance Writing Gig Without Losing Your Mind

MedievalSo, I’ve told you what I learned from my first freelance writing gig, and I’ve told you how I landed it. Now I want to give you some tips to survive yours and keep your sanity.

Here’s the scenario: All that pitching has paid off and now you’ve finally gotten your first gig. You sit down to write the ultimate article. The one that will blow your client away. Your palms are sweating and your eye is twitching (no? maybe that’s just me).

Nobody tells you that landing the gig is actually the easier part of the process. As scary as it is to start this career, writing your first paid piece might be the scariest thing you ever do. Your skills are being tested and your confidence is likely shaken.

But, good news…once you get paid for the job and get a nod of approval for your work, your confidence soars and your next job is a little less stressful. (more…)

Top Freelance Writing Tips and Advice from 2015


With 2015 coming to a close, I, like probably everyone else in the world am reflecting on the previous year’s goals and accomplishments.

First and foremost, about mid-year, I set out to begin freelance writing. Although it was slow-going, I can still say I am mostly pleased with the progress I made and am looking forward to growing my business in 2016.

I started a website, revised the website, revised it again, and finally tweaked it to exactly what I needed. It will probably remain a work in progress, but for now, it works great!

I took a couple of freelance writing courses, hired a coach and read literally hundreds of blog posts and e-books on the profession.

I landed a couple of writing gigs, one through my writing coach, and one from a job board – the Paid to Blog job board to be exact. (more…)