Blogging Income report – I Made $3600 Writing & Blogging in Sept 2016

Blogging Income reports

I am excited to share with you my blogging income report.  In case you’re new here, I left my full-time day job to work from home in June 2016. Most of my income is from freelance writing, but I am also venturing into making money with my blog. My blogging income is not much to talk about yet because I neglected it a bit over the summer to squeeze in more freelance writing clients.

Anyway, I would  like to share my blogging income reports when I can for a couple of reasons:

a) To motivate others to get out there and do the same.  I want to offer that same inspiration to my readers that I received when I read blog income reports from fellow bloggers.

b) To hold myself accountable for my goals and accomplishments.  There is something about exposing your goals and accomplishments that motivate you to keep moving forward.

If you’re anything like me, you’re a sucker for a blogging income report, especially from someone making all their money from their couch. Am I right?

So, here goes…

My September 2016 Blogging Income Report:

Freelance Writing:                                         2,675.00

Amazon Sales:                                                 13.95

VA Work:                                                          825.00

Affiliate:                                                                94.00

Total:                $3607.95              

I expect my income to continue to rise as I increase the amount of time I spend working on my blog. After all, this is the place I love to be. Blogging is a blast, y’all!

If you’re interested in making money from home, I hope you’ll stick around and see all the different ways it can be done!  We will be exploring ecommerce, blogging, freelancing, selling on eBay and all the other many ways you can make money working for yourself.

Full disclosure: none of this would be possible without the God I serve directing my steps!

God bless, and stay inspired!

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10 Bloggers Who Make More than $10,000 a Month – Blogging Income Reports

I don’t know about you, but I love, love, LOVE reading entrepreneurs’  and other bloggers share their blogging income reports. It’s extremely inspiring to see what others are doing to make a living. After all, that’s probably why you’re here – to get inspired to pursue your dream of working from home.

That was the reason I decided to start sharing my own blogging income reports. I want you to see that working from home and making a living online is entirely possible! So I thought it might be fun to share the blogging income reports from a few other bloggers I follow.

I keep up with several bloggers in the freelance writing niche, but they’re definitely not the only ones I follow. I encourage you to find bloggers who are doing what you want to be doing and stick to them like glue. If it’s working for them, it could work for you! Small disclaimer: make sure you’re just getting inspiration from the bloggers you follow, not copying their work. It’s really important to be yourself (yep, Mom said it first)!

Work at Home Income Report – June 2016 Income Report – $2,467

Well, here it is…my very first Work at home income report!

It’s a little scary putting my Work at home income report  online, since I’m relatively private about my finances, but my genuine mission here is to aspire others to   see just how possible it is to earn a full-time income working from home.

It is completely possible. I’m living proof! And you know what? I’m nothing special. Just a mom who has always dreamed of working from home, owning my own business and setting my own hours. I finally made it happen, and I want to show you how.