10 Re-Sellers Who Make a Killing Selling on eBay

Selling on ebay

Wanna know how to make big bucks selling on eBay? It is totally possible, and if you frequent thrift stores and garage sales, you’re already half-way there!

I piece together a living online each and every month, and the way I started out was selling on eBay or otherwise known as flipping for profit on eBay. I built my eBay store up to a $500 a month business, only working a few hours a week. But there are many people who do it for a full-time living. One example is work-at-home mom, Sarah Titus. She made a great living on eBay while she was building her blog.

I still sell on eBay occasionally, especially when I travel. I like making a little extra cash for trips! The way I got started was following some experts online who make a good living flipping on eBay. Most of the resources are free and totally fun to watch and read.

If you need access to training courses to help you get started, you might consider Lynda.  They offer a 10 day free trial.  I have used Lynda to take several online courses and have been impressed by the professionalism of their teachers.

Lynda is an online learning platform that I am a member of.  They offer over 95  courses on eBay.    Click here to get a free 10 day trial.

If you’re ready for this cool work-at-home opportunity, visit some of these peeps, and get to flippin’!